10 Robo Toys For Kids That Will Make Even Adults Jealous

2. Dronoid

Part tank, part drone, this high-tech hybrid toy seems to have no boundaries at all. You can take your quadcopter and easily transform it into a powerful tank and other vehicles if you use additional parts. The standard package includes the Dronoid itself with charger, batteries, 1 GB SD card, and remote control. If you and your kids are into transformers – it’s the best toy possible! One day you can enjoy its flying abilities, and the other run it on all kinds of terrain as fast as you can.

This fully customizable drone toy is an ideal partner for outdoor games for the whole family to enjoy. It is also incredibly safe and durable, with lightweight propellers that are protected by concentric ring bands. If Dronoid is not cool enough for you, check out the number one toy on our list!

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