10 Robo Toys For Kids That Will Make Even Adults Jealous

10. Cozmo

Can you imagine a toy that has a mind of its own? Meet Cozmo, a little robot that will explore the surrounding world just like any kid and will act according to his very own mood. That’s right! Cozmo’s AI-inspired smarts allow him to plan, plot and come up with all sorts of amazing games. Made with more than 300 durable parts, this little guy rocks a powerful Software Development Kit that is both highly sophisticated and affordable. His ‘mind’ is flexible and connectible – you can use Twitter, IFTTT, or Hue to connect to the little fellow and give him a command or a task to fulfil. To keep both your kids and Cozmo happy, there are certain Core Upgrades within the Cozmo app that will get more skills unlocked the more you interact with the robot. Think this tech toy is amazing? Wait till you see the next one!

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