10 Robo Toys For Kids That Will Make Even Adults Jealous

1. Sphero Bb8

Meet Sphero Bb8, a new age tech toy that will keep all Star Wars fans busy for weeks. Spherical robots aren’t as surprising today as they used to be, but this one is something different. Bb8 is not just another ball robot, he also has a moving head that always stays on top no matter where he goes due to magnets. It looks both cute and really awesome! You can control Sphero via your tablet, smartphone, or send him running into the wild completely on his own.

Sphero has an ability to learn and develop his personality while interacting with different surroundings. He can also send holographic messages to your smartphone and other devices! Feel yourself a Jedi Knight by using the Force Band that will allow you control Sphero with just a wave of your hand. If you liked this list, share it on FB!

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