10 Robo Toys For Kids That Will Make Even Adults Jealous

6. Dash & Dot

Dash & Dot is one of those fun, easy to use, interactive robots that will help kids learn in a fast and easy way. Can you imagine learning programming with a cool robot? This tech toy can do exactly that and who knows, maybe adults will want to use it, too! Dash & Dot require no assembly, you can start using them right out of the box. Install Dash & Dot app to get access to numerous games and puzzles that will help your kids grow and develop in the most exciting way possible.

Dot can be a game on its own as you can use it as a ‘talking ball’ or a ‘hot potato ball’. Dot & Dash can dance, race around the house, respond to objects, and grow along with your child expanding their knowledge and applying what they’ve learned to create new games and tasks. Make sure you check out the next tech toy, it’s even more incredible!

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