10 Robo Toys For Kids That Will Make Even Adults Jealous

4. Ganker Fighting Robots

Meet Ganker Fighting Robots, the world’s best robot warriors! These robots boast a durable aluminium frame with a plastic outer layer that can be replaced if damaged, and special LED lights that will look especially cool during the combats at night. Ganker Fighting Robots can move in all four directions on any straight surface due to steady wheels.

They can fight with both arms and legs, using either fists or swords. They are easily controlled through an app and can move as fast as you want them to! Remember the movie ‘Real Steel’? Well, it seems that these robots were heavily inspired by those awesome fighting machines from the big screen. You no longer have to go online to enjoy some futuristic fun, just gather your friends and enjoy fighting, football, racing, and a number of other games.

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