10 Common Health Myths Deconstructed

6. Bad eyesight? Eat a carrot!

Carrots are praised as a source of vitamin A/beta carotene, essential for good eyesight (as well as good skin and general wellbeing). The more you eat, the better, because it’s not like an overdose of vegetables can hurt, right?

Well, not quite. The thing is, carrots are really, really rich in vitamin A. One cup of them contains four times your recommended daily dose, so you only need a very small amount. And this may sound like a joke, but eating too many carrots can give your skin an orange tint – not in the “self-tanning gone wrong” way, but in the “caution: jaundice” way. So, yes, it’s quite possible to overdose on carrots, and if you feel your vision starting to worsen you should really visit an ophthalmologist first.

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