Top-10 inventions of science fiction which came true

6. 3D-printer for home construction


For many years the industry of building houses using prefabricated materials has helped to create hinds which can be built at a much faster pace. Now, with the advent of 3D printing a new revolution in building may be just around the corner. Earlier last year, for example, many organizations such as NASA and Hershey’s announced plans to create food, such as pizza and chocolate using 3D printers. We could print the food out bit by bit. Now, at a recent TED talk, scientists came up with another innovative idea of application of 3D printing – the building industry. This new application for the printing is being explored at the University of Southern California, were scientists have unveiled a new ideas for a gigantic 3D printer that would be capable of printing an entire house withing 24 hours.

The scientists invisioned that the 3D printer would need only a couple of workers to transport chain to the building site where the machine would be capable of building the entire house by itself. The cost of building such a house could be reduced enough to allow poor people to afford a house. Such technology will also be useful in devastated areas, such as earthquake ravaged areas and war zones.

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