Top-10 inventions of science fiction which came true

1. Teleportation


Professor Michio Kaku of City University, New York, maintains the technology to teleport a living person to another part of the Earth or even space could be available within decades – or at least by the next century. “Quantum teleportation already exists. In fact, we took a film crew and went to the University of Maryland and actually filmed an atom being teleported. It zapped across the room from one chamber to another.

“So at an atomic level we do it already. It’s called quantum entanglement.” This is a process that allows connections (like an umbilical chord) to be formed between atoms and their information transmitted between others further away. He said: “I think within a decade we will teleport the first molecule.”He said quantum physics was about the bizarre and impossible – objects disappearing and reappearing elsewhere and being in two places at the same time.He added: “But electrons do this all the time – they are called transistors. Light does it – it is called a laser beam.”He said light has also already been teleported.He added: “The BBC flew us out to Vienna in Austria. We teleported light across the Danube River 500metres.”He claims the next step will be to teleport photons to the Moon after 2020 when it is anticipated humans will again land on the lunar surface.He believes in time, adapting this process to bigger objects – and then living things such as animals and even people – will be no more than a complicated scientific “engineering project”.
This is “likely to be solved in time”, he said.

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