10 Rare Dog Breeds You May Have Never Heard About

Berger Picard

berger picard

These lovely scruffy-looking dogs are very rare even in France – the land where they have been living since the 9th century A.D. Because of their mutt-like appearance Berger Picards never managed to win over the hearts of the nobility, and came close to extinction as a result of the two World Wars. At present there are only about 3,500 of these dogs in France (and 400 altogether in North America.)

The Berger Picard is a lively and intelligent dog with a stubborn streak that makes formal obedience training necessary. They are herding dogs by nature, and good guard dogs because of their developed protective instincts. If not exercised regularly, these puppies may turn to destructive behavior out of pure boredom, but generally they are quiet and sweet-tempered. The Berger Picard is a healthy breed, although hip dysplasia might be a problem.

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