10 Rare Dog Breeds You May Have Never Heard About

Norwegian Lundehund


The Norwegian Lundehund is a small dog breed of the Spitz type that originates from Norway. As early as 16th century these dogs had been used to hunt puffins along the Norwegian coast. However, the interest for the breed died out with the introduction of new hunting methods. At some point there were only six Lundehunds left in existence, but thanks to careful breeding the population gradually grew to 1400 dogs (in 2010).

Two distinctive features separate Lundehund from other dogs: six toes on its paws instead of the normal four, and enhanced join flexibility, both of which are what makes it so good at cliff-climbing. In fact, the joints are so flexible that the Lundehund has the creepy ability to angle its head backward until it touches the spine. Temper-wise, they are brave, energetic and stubborn. Health-wise, Lundehunds have few problems, but some suffer from digestive disorders.

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